08 / 30 / 13

Why are you different than other hair restoration salons?

As the owner of Hair Loss Solutions, I am personally invested in the success of each one of my hair loss clients. Through my hair restoration for men and women (among other programs) I strive to be a gift to my clients because they are a gift to me. They enhance my life everyday. My hair restoration and hair loss clients are the strongest people I know and they fulfill my life’s true purpose.

Before, After, Close Up

What makes Hair Loss Solutions different from other hair restoration clinics is we are a small owner-operated business and I NEVER have clients sign a contract.
Hair Loss Solutions doesn’t require a huge down payment for starting our hair restoration and other hair loss programs like other hairloss salons. We are here to service the hair loss community with compassion and make lasting relationships for years to come.

Stop in and schedule a free, no obligation appointment today for hair restoration for men and women, hair replacement or laser hair regrowth at our beautiful Oakdale, MN location and you will discover for yourself that as a Hair Loss Solutions client, you are a face, name and friend – NOT a number.