Nobody ever wants to experience hair loss, yet for many men, it’s just a part of life. Hair loss in men is incredibly common and can have a number of potential causes. No matter the extent and no matter the cause of your thinning hair, there’s always hope for total hair restoration. That’s our sincere belief here at Hair Loss Solutions.

But where does your journey to total hair restoration begin? We welcome men throughout the Twin Cities area to join us in our studio for a private, one-on-one consultation. One of our experts will examine your scalp and follicles, providing you with some insight into what’s causing your thinning hair. From there, we can furnish you with individualized solutions.

Before discussing the different causes of male baldness, it’s important to understand how hair growth is supposed to work. Your hair follicles alternate between a rest phase and a growth phase. The rest phase is critical: It involves your follicles shedding existing growth to make room for new hair. Then, a healthy growing phase may resume. At any given moment, 10 percent of your follicles may be in the rest phase, which means a little bit of hair shedding is natural and normal.

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Problems arise for two reasons: Either the growth phase is stymied, made unproductive, or the rest phase is prolonged, leading to excessive shedding. In either instance, it can result in lasting hair loss.

Of all the causes of men’s hair loss, the most common by far is androgenetic alopecia—or as it is more commonly known, male pattern baldness. Indeed, more than 90 percent of all men’s hair loss cases stem from this condition. It’s generally assumed to be genetic in nature and involves a testosterone byproduct called DHT impeding your follicles from working properly. While this condition cannot be “cured,” there are a number of effective ways to restore your hair. Our experts at Hair Loss Solutions are pleased to talk with you about these options.

There are some other potential causes of men’s hair loss, as well. Any unhealthy scalp condition can adversely impact hair growth. And, there are possible medical issues and complications. Certain prescription drugs can lead to hair loss, as can chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

There are also conditions known as alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis—autoimmune disorders that cause the body to attack hair follicles. These conditions are fairly rare, but they can result in extreme hair loss—not just on the scalp, but all across the body.

Lifestyle factors might also be relevant. For example, a diet that lacks the proper nutrients may contribute to thinning hair. Excessive stress can also have a negative impact on healthy hair growth.

When you visit us in our salon, we can talk more about some of the most likely causes of your own hair loss—and from there, we can start working together toward a solution.

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Men’s hair loss can be disheartening, but it doesn’t have to be. There are proven, effective, and safe solutions for permanent hair restoration. The first step in the journey is meeting with one of our hair loss professionals in Vadnais Heights, MN. We’ll help you determine the potential cause of your thinning hair, then present you with individualized solutions. Contact us at Hair Loss Solutions today and schedule your FREE consultation!