I have been coming to HLS for about 4 years and the experience has been incredible. The cleanliness, professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. Chrissy is very personable and flexible in getting me last minute or short notice. Benefits of being a small business. I don’t know what I would do without this place. Hands down best place in town for hair loss solutions!

Chrissy was great. My previous provider had a medical condition and I needed immediate help. She made time for me and the results were great. She's professional and fun. I've made the full time change and I would highly recommend her and her salon.

There is definitely something to be said about a privately owned business when it comes to being a client. Chrissy always makes me feel important and fully focuses her time on my appointment. She is great to work with and always listens to what I have to say about my hair loss concerns. She is easy to talk to and very personable. I have always felt like a valued client. I’ve never stressed out about whether she was going to have a system or products that I need because she is always one step ahead and has it before I even ask. I’m so happy I made the switch from HRI and would definitely recommend Chrissy. You will not regret making the change to HLS.

Chrissy has been an absolute miracle worker for me! I was very unsure, walking in, about what I wanted to do about my hair loss, and she confidently suggested a men’s hair system. There was no pressure whatsoever, and she was 100% transparent about everything from the look and style to the price. The hair system installation was absolutely seamless, and I have never been happier with my hair than I am right now! Chrissy always does her best to accommodate my needs, and I am always comfortable and trusting of her to make any adjustments I may need. I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in solutions to hair loss!

Having known Chrissy for a number of years I can sincerely state that she and her company have always treated me in a discrete and professional manner. Chrissy and her staff have always been able to accommodate my needs no matter how minor those needs may have been. With the years of experience that Chrissy has in the field of hair care, she will perfectly match hair color and styles until the customer is completely satisfied. I can say from experience that during the summer if my hair had faded from the sun, Chrissy immediately provided solutions at no additional cost to me. Chrissy is very easy to have a professional conversation with about hair loss and makes a person feel comfortable talking about issues that sometimes can be difficult to discuss and analyze. She acts and presents herself professionally at all times and is very discrete in her conversations regarding a variety of sometimes sensitive topics. When services are needed, she does not hesitate to accommodate her customers. Chrissy will spend the extra time necessary for the customer to be happy with their individualized hair loss solution whether that is hair loss, laser treatment or skin care.

I highly recommend HLS and Chrissy Flipp to anyone interested in having any one of the wide variety of services that her and her company provide. I am sure that HLS and Chrissy Flipp will continue to provide “top notch” service to myself and any client that she serves in hair care or other areas of her and her company’s expertise.

Chrissy is the best in what she does hands down! Look no further and give her a call and make yourself look and feel better for life! My only regret is I didn’t find her sooner but I have been a client for 4 years and will be for life!

After trying nearly every kind of thinning hair product on the market over the years, I can honestly say that since I started using Chrissy’s recommended XTC Hair Rejuvenation Systems products, my hair has never felt healthier. I can see it for myself and feel the difference. I appreciate Chrissy’s low key, professional approach and can see the passion and dedication she has for what she does. She does not recommend “one size fits all” solutions for her clients and takes the time to listen and analyze before recommending a plan for your specific hair needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Hair Loss Solutions to anyone who is concerned about their hair loss or want to experience for themselves the difference professional hair care products can make to your scalp and appearance.

Being a woman with hair loss is such an emotional issue. I went to another bigger company and the lady in the consultation pushed product on me and made me feel horrible I actually left feeling worse and ended up crying in my car. Thankfully I did not give up and decided to look further down the list on the internet to a smaller company. Chrissy was so empathetic toward my hair loss and took so much extra time in our consultation to help me understand exactly what was causing my hair loss. I knew right then I trusted her and am so pleased with the look we choose together. I now can hold my head high knowing I look the way I felt on the inside. Chrissy is a true blessing to her industry and those of us dealing with hair loss.

I finally got fed up waiting well beyond my appointment time at a bigger corporate hair restoration company that unfortunately I put up with for years. I called Chrissy and was amazed that she answered her own phone and took the time to listen to my concerns. I went in for a consultation and had my new system in one week’s time. I was amazed by her professionalism and her continuous ability to deliver on all her promises. She truly takes the time to listen to me and I wish I would’ve made the switch sooner. Now that I have she has me as a lifelong client!

After suffering from hair loss for 35 years meeting Chrissy and being able to count on superior service these past two years has been such a relief. Chrissy has helped me to improve my appearance, feel prettier and recapture my youthful spirit. She has let me try new products and is always up on the latest technologies available this is a service I never received previously. She helped me to choose a hair style that fits me perfectly. I strongly recommend Chrissy as she provides a crucial service to those of us with hair loss.

Chrissy is terrific to work with in regard to hair loss (male or female). I (middle aged female) opted for the hair piece treatment and have absolutely no regrets. I was VERY NERVOUS about trying this option for me. Chrissy addressed my fears and even allowed me to try it on a “trial basis”. I loved my (new) look from day one. In my opinion, it is much better dealing with a small professional like Chrissy at HLS rather than dealing with the larger places (Hair Restoration Institute; Hair Club). I highly recommend that you make an appointment with Chrissy to discuss your hair loss options. There is no obligation whatsoever and she doesn’t pressure the client, unlike other places!!

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  • There is definitely something to be said about a privately owned business when it comes to being a client. Chrissy always makes me feel important and fully focuses her time on my appointment. She is great to work with and always listens to what I have to say about my hair loss concerns.

    — B. Mortensen

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