Women’s hair loss can be discouraging, but it never has to be permanent. Rather than settling for thinning hair, we encourage women in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to contact Hair Loss Solutions to find out more about total hair restoration. We believe there is a solution to meet every need.

For many women, the best approach is with a female hair system. The first thing you should know about women’s hair systems, also known as Dermal Lens, is that they are always customized to meet the individual client’s specifications. When you meet with us in our studio space, we’ll take some measurements of your scalp to ensure a system that’s just right. Then, we’ll have that system made to order by one of the world’s foremost hair designers. The female hair system you receive will be made for you and you alone.

At its base, the hair system is a super-thin membrane. It’s affixed to your scalp where it fits securely, and comfortably. It won’t take long before you forget it’s there; it will be just like a second skin.

Into that hair system, thousands of individual human hairs are inserted by one of our experts. We get human hair that’s completely virgin—in other words, hair that has never been colored, bleached, or chemically processed in any way. Once the hairs are inserted, we’ll cut, color, and style your hair however you like.

The result of one of these hair systems for women is a hairline that looks completely natural, and gives you the look, length, and volume you desire. Simply put, there’s no better option for total, long-lasting, and non-surgical hair replacement.

Women love these hair systems for a variety of reasons, and one is based on ease of maintenance. You’ll need to visit us in our salon every few weeks to have some adjustments made, just as you would for a regular hair cut appointment—but that’s pretty much it. Most days, you can simply comb, wash, or style your hair just like you would with naturally growing hair.

Another benefit to hair systems for women is that they can adapt to any lifestyle. Even if you run or swim, you don’t ever have to worry about your hair system coming “loose.” It’s made to fold into your regular exercise routine and other activities.

Women’s custom hair systems allow our clients to get the exact look they want—in short, to look and feel like themselves again, without the need for a transplant or surgical intervention. The first step in the process is meeting with us for a consultation. We’d love to talk with you further about how a custom female hair system can meet your needs.