Men can experience hair loss for any number of reasons—and no matter the underlying cause, hair loss can be disheartening. The good news is that it never has to be permanent. At Hair Loss Solutions in Minneapolis-St. Paul area, we are committed to providing clients with access to total hair restoration, without the need for invasive grafts or transplants. One of the best options we provide is the male hair system.

Hair systems for men don’t require surgical intervention, but they do provide a long-lasting way to regain a full, healthy head of natural hair. What’s more, these hair systems are customized to meet your needs, meaning you can achieve whatever look you want.

The process begins with a relaxed, one-on-one consultation in our studio. Our experts will meet with you, make a quick examination of your hair and talk with you about some of the potential solutions available to you. Should you decide to go with a male hair system, we will then take some measurements to ensure the hair system fits you perfectly. It’s critical to note that each hair system is made to meet the individual; in other words, we’ll provide you with a hair system that’s just for you.

A custom hair system involves the use of a super-thin membrane, which is made to perfectly fit the contours of your scalp. We’ll apply this membrane to your head and it will quickly come to feel like second skin. Into that membrane, thousands of individual hairs are placed. We provide human hair that’s never been processed or colored in any way. Once the hair is inserted into the membrane, we can cut it, color it, or style it however you like.

The result: A hairline that looks completely natural, and a full head of hair that offer you the length, volume, and style you’ve always hoped for. We hope that, through this hair system, you’ll not only look but also feel like yourself again.

There are a number of additional benefits to men’s hair systems, also known as Dermal Lens. One thing is that they are made to fit precisely and you’ll never have to worry about your hair system “coming loose” when you’re out in public. In fact, these custom hair systems are made to withstand any lifestyle; even if you’re a runner or swimmer, this is an approach that can fit with your daily routine, without any worry or special preparations required.

Another benefit of male hair systems is that they require very little maintenance. Indeed, the main thing you’ll need to do is make an appointment in our studio every few weeks for some styling and minor adjustments—just like you would with a normal haircut.

Too many men live under the assumption that their hair loss is irreversible, but there are some great ways to enjoy a full head of hair again, minus the need for surgery. Hair systems for men are, in many cases, the very best bet.