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01 / 16 / 24

Why Going to a Hair Loss Solutions Studio is Different Than Going to a Wig Shop

Where do you turn for help when your hair starts to thin? Historically, there have only been a few options. One is that you can do nothing, and simply live with hair loss. Alternatively, you can visit a wig shop. And these days, there’s a third option: You can visit a hair loss solutions studio, like ours here in Vadnais Heights.

Simply settling for hair loss is no solution at all; it’s not something anyone should feel like they have to do. So what about the wig shop and the hair loss solutions studio? What’s the difference between the two? And which option is better for you?

Learn Why You’re Losing Your Hair

The first thing to understand is that, when you go to a wig shop, you’re getting a non-permanent way to conceal the effects of your hair loss—nothing more, nothing less.

When you visit us at Hair Loss Solutions, though, we actually take some time to examine your scalp and follicles and share with you some of the factors contributing to your thinning hair.

We’re not doctors, and can’t always provide a “diagnosis”—but we can tell you if you have an unhealthy scalp, which can often be remedied with some topical treatments. This allows for natural hair restoration! And, we can certainly identify the signs of male or female pattern hair loss, which can also help us zero in on treatment options.

Personalized Treatment Options

That’s another thing that sets hair loss solutions studios apart from wig shops. When you visit a wig shop, your options are fairly limited. But when you visit Hair Loss Solutions, you can learn about a range of treatment options and determine which one is best suited to address your needs.

Don’t misunderstand us: Wigs are great, and for many individuals, they are a perfect solution. We proudly provide wigs here in our studio! With that said, other men and women may prefer laser therapy, topical solutions, or a hair replacement system. The point is, when you come see us, you have options.

Reversing the Effects of Hair Loss

Here’s something else to consider: A wig can be highly effective at masking the effects of hair loss. One thing it’s not going to do is reverse your hair loss. It’s not a remedy or a cure.

For many individuals, though, hair loss actually can be reversed—so long as you have the right treatment. Take laser hair therapy, for instance. This FDA-approved treatment uses low-emission laser lights to stimulate fresh blood flow to the follicles, which can sometimes have the effect of generating new hair growth! Likewise, topical thickening products can clear up scalp conditions and help unclog your pores and follicles, sometimes allowing for unimpeded hair growth.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a wig to hide the effects of hair loss—but please know that if you’d like to undo some of the effects of hair loss there may be some options on the table.

A Broader Approach to Hair Restoration

The thing to take away from all of this is that hair loss can be a complicated matter. There are a number of potential factors that can contribute to thinning hair. And, there are various treatment options to choose from, some of which can restore you to a healthier scalp and a full head of hair.

The best way to discover the broad spectrum of hair loss solutions is to visit a full-service hair restoration center. Make an appointment for your FREE consultation at Hair Loss Solutions today.