Hair loss is incredibly common. It impacts countless people, including men and women alike. Just because it’s commonplace, doesn’t mean it’s easy to endure. When you start to notice that your hair is thinning, it can be distressing. At times, it can make you feel like you’re just not yourself anymore. At Hair Loss Solutions, we know how that feels—but we also know that there is real hope, and plenty of proven hair restoration methods. It is our privilege to provide that hope to clients from throughout Vadnais Heights, MN and the greater Twin Cities area.

The Hair Loss Solutions story goes back 17 years. Our founder, Chrissy, was in beauty school, and was encouraged by one of her teachers to pursue hair restoration. Chrissy took some classes and immersed herself in what were then the most advanced hair rejuvenation methods in the world. From there, she got a job at a big, corporate hair restoration center, where she helped countless clients to restore their full, natural hairlines.

What she found, was that this big corporation didn’t really treat its clients with respect. So, in 2006, she opened Hair Loss Solutions with a simple goal: To offer ample time and personal attention to each and every client; to help them feel seen and cared for; to provide them with real hope for hair restoration.

That’s one of the things we’re best known-for: We take the time to get to know our clients, answer their questions, and help them find the solutions that best fit their needs. Additionally, we’re proud to have a studio space that’s tranquil and relaxing. We want our clients to always feel as though they are in good hands and receiving the best care possible.

At Hair Loss Solutions, we’re committed to the highest standards of non-surgical hair replacement. Everything we do here is tested and proven to be safe and effective, and none of it requires anything as invasive as a transplant.

Nothing about hair restoration is cookie cutter—so the first step in the process is always a consultation. Using some special lenses, we’ll look closely at your scalp and follicles and help you better understand some of the factors contributing to your hair loss. From there, we can walk you through some of the solutions we think are right for you.

The hair loss solutions we provide include topical thickening products, laser therapy, wigs, extensions, and human hair toppers. And, we are proud to provide clients with access to custom hair systems, which offer seamless hair replacement without the need for surgery.

Hair loss may leave you feeling disheartened, but we want all our clients in Vadnais Heights, MN to know that there’s always a non-surgical solution for total hair replacement. We’d love to talk with you about some of the options.

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At Hair Loss Solutions, we’re known for the time we take to get to know each client. We want to meet you, learn more about your needs and goals, and talk with you about some of the best options for non-surgical hair restoration. The first step in that process is the consultation. Contact us in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to schedule your FREE appointment today.

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