08 / 29 / 13

What hair restoration options do you offer?

Hair Loss Solutions Offers Some of the Following Hair Restoration Options:

Man Before And After

If you are in the beginning stages of hair loss, I offer laser hair re-growth therapy which is accompanied by a topical product line. Both of these used together have resulted in amazing results of hair re-growth we have many satisfied clients who can testify to their results. If you are not in the beginning stages of hair loss I offer non-surgical hair restoration.

I believe non-surgical hair restoration is the best option out there for progressed hair loss today!! ~ Chrissy Flipp

If you are a woman dealing with thinning or hair loss we have customized programs for you that include hair extensions for the top of the head or extensions that are made to add length and density as well as hair systems that can be attached in a variety of different ways. Contact Hair Loss Solutions to discover what solution is right for you!