09 / 02 / 13

What costs are involved with hair restoration?

Hair Loss Solutions Offers Affordable Hair Restoration Programs

Hair restoration is definitely more cost effective than surgical transplants. Hair Loss Solutions hair restoration programs run anywhere from $150-$575 a month depending on which program you decide on.

Do you know that if you hold out your hand the size of your palm is all you can transplant at one time and the cost is anywhere from $8,000-$12,000 depending on the surgeon you choose and if you go that route please don’t choose the lower end.


Plus where are you going to get more hair from when you keep losing more of your remaining hair? Just to let you know about 50% percent of Hair Loss Solutions’ clientele, are clients because of bad hair transplants so please do your homework if you want to go that route.

Feel free to contact me with any hair restoration questions and I will give you the name of who I consider to be the best transplant surgeon in Minnesota.