09 / 30 / 13

The Maintenance of Bad Hair Extensions

Not All Hair Extensions Are Created Equal – Part 4

After the three disastrous experiences mentioned earlier with my hair extensions, I had already gone through beauty school and was really good at styling hair but it still took me hours to get my hair to lay flat with the clip-in hair extensions because you have to get enough hair in them so they stay but not too much so they stick up.

I realized how difficult this would be for a woman who hadn’t been to beauty school. I was constantly in the bathroom with a handheld mirror checking to see if the clips from the hair extensions were visible and most of the time I would end up flipping my hair and one of the clips would come out in my hand.

I also noticed that in the areas where I kept placing the clip-in hair extensions, I was getting raised bumps on my scalp. My follicles were being disrupted by the tension and this was causing irritation.

I know now as a certified hair restoration stylist that people can get traction alopecia from the constant tension of wearing clip-in hair extensions or having hair braided too tightly and the follicle can actually fall out. I soon returned to Minnesota to come back to reality, I like to say. If you are interested in hearing about our hair solutions at Hair Loss Solutions, contact us today!