10 / 21 / 13

The Cold Fusion Hair Extensions Method


Not All Hair Extensions Are Created Equal – Part 5

I started working for a major hair loss clinic in the Twin Cities and was still wearing my clip in hair extensions but knew there had to be something better out there. I sought out a new application method called cold fusion which applied little bundles of hair to small sections of hair all over the back of my head.

This reminded me of the pinch braids but I thought because I wasn’t braiding my hair it would create less tension. I was wrong.

Cold fusion extensions

This process still was damaging my follicles and with the application, you could see all of the wax tips through my hair when it separated and the hair extensions themselves became stringy and separated because of the bundling of the hair with the application.

This process cost me $999 and I spent 3 hours in the chair. It also needed to be removed and reapplied every 2 months and would cost me $600 each reapplication.

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