09 / 20 / 13

My Clip In Hair Extensions Story

Not All Hair Extensions Are Created Equal (Clip in Hair Extensions) – Part 3

After my bad experiences with the pinch braids and hair weave, I found out from another girl that was at my modeling agency about clip-in hair extensions.

I went to purchase my first set of clip-in hair extensions at a hair outlet store in Hollywood. They were the wefts that I had originally been having sewn in my hair but they had little metal clips attached and came in different lengths so you could create where you wanted to add more hair.

Clip In Extensions

The cost was $350 for the human hair extensions which I know now is too thick of a density because human hair extensions primarily come from India. As a Caucasian woman, our hair density is thinner than Indian hair so this only made my own hair look thinner in comparison and as a result, the clip-in hair extensions looked unnatural and fake.

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