09 / 23 / 13

Let’s Talk About Bad Hair Extensions

Not All Hair Extensions Are Created Equal – Part 1

Ok, I am going to talk about the first hair extensions I ever had. I was just 22 and had moved to Hollywood to do what every blonde 22 year old girl wants to do in Hollywood – (model).

I soon realized on all my casting calls that my hair was lacking the “Wow” factor. So I sought out hair extensions and found a salon that was doing pinch braids, which are individually braiding bundles of hair and tying it in with string.

Pinch Braid Extensions 2

The application took 3 ½ hours and my head hurt so badly I wanted to cry, not to mention it cost me $1,200 and when the wind blew or I put my hair up, you could see all the little braids. It looked horrible.

bad extensions 2

Two months later I went in to have the hair extensions removed and the stylist took a razor and cut them all out! I looked down at the floor and cried because I didn’t understand how she knew the difference between cutting my hair or the hair extensions. 

As I left I felt like half of my hair ended up on the floor of that salon. It was broken off from all the tension of the tight braids and I’m sure also from having them cut out. At that moment, I decided I would never do that again.

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