07 / 13 / 16

How to Prevent Hair Heat Damage

Beautiful hair is one of your greatest assets. However, while we strive to make the best of it, we often mistreat it. One habit that many of us are guilty of is overusing heat-styling tools on it. While your curling iron, flat iron or your blow dryer might help it look great, you should understand the potential damage that these appliances can cause. Instead of enhancing its beauty, misusing the tools can result in hair that is damaged and visually lifeless.

Make sure that you use well-reviewed and reliable tools. They do not have to be expensive, but they should have some basic features, such as a temperature setting. Look for tools that offer adjustable settings and set a moderate temperature. If you can afford them, do not hesitate to invest in professional tools from a beauty supply shop.

Get to know your hair and learn how to style it accordingly. Consider its thickness. Remember that the finer it is, the lower temperature you should apply during styling. In addition, you should not apply excessive heat if you have a thick mane. Even the thickest hair can react poorly to high temperature.

Do not treat the same place on your hair for too long. Prolonged exposure to heat puts stress on it and may result in damage.

Do not be shy to talk to your stylist about your problems. Ask for advice on different techniques and learn about tools you can use while self-styling.

If you notice too many split ends, or if you are worried that your hair has lost its glitter and may be damaged from heat, always consult with a professional. Sometimes a simple haircut or a change of style may not be enough to “undo” the damage. Additional therapy is always an option as well.

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