Buying Online Wigs
03 / 22 / 17

The Risks of Buying Online Wigs and Hairpieces

So, you’ve decided to buy a wig or hairpiece.

But you’re still kind of embarrassed about getting one, so you figure you’ll just buy one online. After all, there’s lots of web sites that sell wigs and hairpieces, and that way you can get the help you need while being discreet.


Um, no.

And yes, I speak from personal experience.

When I first decided to buy a hairpiece, I found a reputable site and picked a style that matched my hair color (dark brown) and texture (straight). I thought I’d made a great choice.

And then the wig showed up on my doorstep, and this is when I realized three important things:

  1. Wigs and hairpieces aren’t all the same. There’s synthetic hair, human hair, lace wigs, capless wigs, hair extensions, hair weaves, etc. If that’s not complicated enough, there’s varying thicknesses of hair. (Against my thin and frail hair, the hairpiece I’d bought looked like I’d put an overweight brown duck on the top of my head.)
  2. “Dark brown hair” is a surprisingly relative term. My dark brown hair was nowhere near the color of my dark brown hairpiece. I could have bought a platinum blonde wig and it would have blended about as well as this hairpiece did.
  3. Numbers 1 and 2 were moot points, because I didn’t know how to secure the wig to my head. What was I supposed to use? Glue? Clips? Tape? (I thought very seriously about giving Superglue a try.)

Even if I’d had a great hairpiece that matched perfectly and was secured neatly to my own hair, I would have still had a problem. Those wigs and hairpieces don’t come with their own hairstylist. And not just a hairstylist would be needed; it would have to be someone who was experienced with wigs and hairpieces. Right there, I was doomed to failure.

When I finally went to Hair Loss Solutions, Chrissy matched my hair color and texture for a hair system that suited me perfectly. When the hair system-which was created with human hair for durability and a true-to-life shine- arrived a week after I ordered it, Chrissy styled it so flawlessly into my own hair that even I couldn’t tell where my real hair ended and the hair system began.

Was It Cheaper to Order a Wig Online? Of Course. but Would I Have Been This Happy and Secure with My Hair System? Never.

This kind of restoration is priceless.

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