10 / 16 / 12

Hair Loss Terms

Though we often use the generic terms “hair loss” or “baldness,” there are actually many different and varying hair loss conditions that affect both men and women.

Many of these hair loss conditions are temporary, many are treatable and a few hair loss conditions are permanent, with no known treatment.

Some hair loss conditions are specific only to men and some are specific only to women. Each hair loss condition comes with its own individual cause as well as its own individual solution, and, as mentioned above, not all hair loss conditions have a solution or cure at this time.

Whether you are seeking greater understanding about your own hair loss, wanting to learn how to prevent a hair loss condition or how to treat a particular hair loss condition, you’ve arrived at the right place. As with any condition that threatens the quality of our lives, the best thing one can do is to educate one’s self; to learn all one can learn about the condition in order to gain the tools and understanding in order to solve it.

This is particularly true when preparing for any type of meeting or consultation with a hair loss professional. The more you know and understand about your hair loss condition, the more you will be able to participate in planning your own treatment.

Hair is important in our lives. We often don’t realize how important it is until we begin to lose our hair. Contact Hair Loss Solutions to learn more about the treatments available for your specific condition.