Coupon Love
04 / 11 / 17

Coupon Love

I love coupons. Not in the way that some people like coupons. I don’t have 3,000 rolls of toilet paper in my garage because I saved a quarter on each package and bought them on double coupon day, so I actually saved 50 cents per package. (I’ll admit that that would add up to some serious savings. I just don’t have an extra room in my house to store that much TP.)

At one point, I tried do slightly-less-serious couponing by buying several newspapers every Sunday, perusing the coupon sections and clipping all the copies of the coupons I wanted. After about two weeks of that, I realized I couldn’t keep track of that many coupons. And my husband complained about the cut up snips of paper that found their way into every corner of our house. So I ditched that idea.

I’ll make a confession here: these days, I don’t actively search for coupons, because I’m a lazy person. But I’ll admit, I grin just a little to myself when I find those peel-off coupons that say “Save $1.50 on this package of bacon” on the package of bacon I was already going to buy! I guess you could say I like the coupons that just sort of fall into my lap.

Before and After Women

So today, I was looking at the Hair Loss Solutions Web site for some other bit of information and I came across the coupon of all coupons.

A Coupon to Defy All Other Coupons.

Ready for this?

It’s a 50% off coupon for women’s hair restoration if you are interested in the European top of the head extension. How top-of-the-line, you ask? If that hunky Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau is the top-of-the-line world leader, this is the top-of-the-line hairpiece.

And there’s a coupon for it here:

Actually, it’s probably not even a coupon. You could probably just mention to Chrissy that you saw this deal on her Web site. But if I were you I’d print out that page, draw dotted lines around the pink coupon and cut it out just for the satisfaction of it. Because if you use this coupon, you’re going to look beyond awesome with your new hair system. And you’re going to save over $1,000.

And $1,000 will buy you a lot of toilet paper.

In addition to this great deal on women’s hair restoration, Hair Loss Solutions is also offering the following promotion:

$500 off the First Year for Monthly Hair Loss Program Clients!

This is your opportunity to try Hair Loss Solutions for an entire year to see for yourself how dedicated Chrissy is to her customers. She is so confident that you will experience positive results that she is willing to offer this professional hair restoration service in the Twin Cities to show you the dramatic difference being a Hair Loss Solutions client can mean for you. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your free consultation!