08 / 28 / 13

What are today’s hair loss treatment options?

There are many topical hair loss treatment products out there that claim to regrow hair. There is Propecia which is a prescription you can obtain from your doctor which only suggests you will keep the hair you still have and comes with side effects. There are surgical transplants which are painful, expensive and very time consuming and where you will still continue to lose the remaining hair in the area of male pattern baldness, so it is not a onetime procedure.

Other Hair Loss Treatment Options

Before and After

Another hair loss treatment option is non-surgical hair restoration which will give you a full head of hair that is 100% human, beautiful, vibrant, blows in the wind, you can swim in it, simply live your life in it and it is absolutely undetectable to the human eye and as easy to maintain as getting your monthly haircut. Contact Hair Loss Solutions to discover what solution is right for you!