04 / 26 / 17

XFusion – The Truth Behind Spray On Hair

Have you heard about XFusion? A few years back, a TV commercial exalted the benefits of a “spray on hair.” In this commercial, a spokesperson would aim a can of what looked like hairspray over a man’s considerable bald spot. A few sprays later, the man’s hair would be fully restored!

Most people snickered over this “hair in a can” premise. But the truth was, this was the beginning of hair loss blending powders that have been in use ever since. And if you haven’t tried them, let me say that XFusion keratin blending powders are awesome.

There Are Several Hair Blending Powders on the Market Today, but Chrissy at Hair Loss Solutions Recommends Xfusion.

Unlike similar blending powders, which are made of dubious materials, XFusion’s Keratin Fibers are derived from wool. These fibers have a structure nearly identical to human hair. Their natural static charge helps the fibers to cling to your existing hair and plump it up.

The fibers lock into place until you wash them out, and they are impossible to detect in your hair.

If you have mildly thinning hair, XFusion could be the answer. I used it for years, and for many people with hair loss, this is a good solution when your hair loss bothers you but you aren’t ready to try a hairpiece yet. As well as a great topical shading product while going through the In-Salon laser program at Hair Loss Solutions.

XFusion is only sold through salons, but at about $35 for a month’s supply, it doesn’t have a salon price tag. It takes seconds to apply and application is easy, even for those of us who are hairstyle-challenged. You twist the top off of the container, shake the powder over your thinning spots, pat the area a few times to distribute the product evenly, and then use your favorite hairspray (or, if you really want to be snazzy, use XFusion hairspray like I did). That’s it!

And the best part is that no one will know you’re using the product. The XFusion colors easily blend into the color of your own hair. Oh, and if you have a few stray gray hairs, XFusion has got those covered (literally!).

I used this product for years while exercising, being onstage in community theatre, even getting caught in the rain. It never ran. Not once. And it gave me the confidence I needed at that time. If you haven’t tried it, why not try it today?

Xfusion is sold at Hair Loss Solutions and as always consultations are complimentary so contact us today!