09 / 16 / 13

Ultratress II Hair Extensions

Hair Loss Solutions Is Proud to Offer Our Clients Ultratress II Hair Extensions.

UltraTress II Hair Extensions are made of Remi hair. This means that half of the cuticle is still remaining in the process of creating the extensions. These hair extensions are silky smooth and the hair itself can be reused for 6 months.

How Are Ultratress II Hair Extensions Different?

UltraTress II utilizes a unique method of application. This allows the UltraTress II Hair Extensions to be placed higher up on the scalp and temples, which allows you to alter your hair in all directions, not just lengthwise. UltraTress has established unnoticeable attachment strategies, guaranteeing that no one can notice that you enhanced your hair. Offering the most secure applications in the industry, UltraTress Hair Extensions can be utilized to increase length, improve color, and enhance volume for all hair types. Due to its innovative attachment approach, the UltraTress II Hair Extensions can be used in areas not always accessible using other options.

The only reason the UltraTress II Hair Extensions must be reattached is because your real hair grows a ½ inch per month. This means the extensions will wind up hanging an inch off your head in two months.

How Would You like to Change Your Hair?

Would you like to change its thickness, volume, length, or heaviness? UltraTress II will help you achieve your objectives.

You can have a full head of hair extensions in less than two hours!

100% Remi Human Hair is offered in a variety of gorgeous colors. UltraTress II provides a distinctive application strategy. It can be applied to areas on your head that standard extensions cannot. It is astonishing what they can accomplish. UltraTress II wefts are as exceptional product that use innovative medical adhesive bonds. Numerous usages are for length, volume, repair, imaginative color treatment and special effects. They are easy to wear for two months without ridges or bumps. They are perfect for those with very fine hair and are the most natural looking option.

Hair Loss Solutions offers a partial extension service, usually meant for length and volume on medium to long hair that is thin. We offer a full extension service for length and volume on short- to medium-length, thick or thin. This will be determined at the consultation.

Please contact Hair Loss Solutions today to learn more about UltraTress II Hair Extensions or to schedule an appointment to see the quality for yourself.