09 / 20 / 13

The Popularity of Hair Extensions

You May Be Surprised Who Wears Hair Extensions These Days!

quiz 2

Only one of these celebrities is NOT wearing hair extensions – Jessica Alba.

If you look at every movie, photo in a magazine or television commercial (e.g. Victoria’s Secret) nearly all of these women are wearing hair extensions and we live in a world where we want to have their hair!!

I understand this deep down need and desire for hair and my clients can attest to the fact there is something that happens to a woman’s self esteem when we put in hair extensions. We feel unstoppable!

We have finally reached the point where hair extensions are affordable enough for all women – not just the movie stars anymore! I love watching my hair extension clients leave my chair smiling from ear to ear with a newfound confidence and flipping their hair around! Contact us today to learn more about our hair solutions!