Hats Off to Spring!
03 / 29 / 17

Hats Off to Spring!

This winter, I turned into a bear.

Well, not exactly. But I may have hibernated a little. I was certainly less active; I love going for runs and walks, but not when there’s a risk of slipping on ice or tripping over a snowbank. I also enjoyed a lot of ‘comfort food’ so I gained a few pounds as well. (My bathroom scale and I are currently not speaking with each other.)

And we won’t talk about the last time I shaved my legs. Suffice it to say I wasn’t kidding when I said I turned into a bear over the winter.

I often went out and about without so much as running a hairbrush through my hair. I didn’t have to, because it was winter and ta da! I have quite a collection of winter hats in every color and shape. Some of you may have a collection like mine, because sometimes it’s easier to plunk a hat on your head instead of worrying about your thinning hair.

Well, folks, spring has sprung, and it’s time for a new beginnings and new growth. That applies to you, too! It’s time to start thinking about swimsuit season (and the dreaded purchase of a for mentioned swimsuit). It’s time to get out there and get moving again, and to take time to appreciate the budding trees and the sweet song of birds.

hair loss solutions

And it’s time to take off the hat. It’s time to do something about your hair loss.

This year, when I regrettably pack away my hats, I will miss their warmth and protection from winter. But I won’t be using them as a cover to hide my hair. It’s a new beginning for me, and I’m loving my new life now that I don’t have to worry about my hair loss, thanks to Hair Loss Solutions.

I Deserved It. You Deserve It, Too.

Spring is the perfect chance for new beginnings. If you don’t exercise much, that’s okay. Take a walk around your block. Then in a few days, take a walk around your block twice. A few days after that, visit your nearest park or lake and walk just a little further. You can do this!

If your hair loss bothers you- if you worry about it and try to cover it with hats- then contact Hair Loss Solutions in Oakdale, MN. She can help you find a hair system that will make you even happier than your favorite winter hat.