07 / 18 / 12

Hair Loss Myths

The Internet is full of strange myths regarding hair loss. Because this problem influences such a huge percentage of both men and women, it is important to debunk some of these myths and explain scientific factors that contribute to hair loss.

The Most Common Myths Regarding Hair Loss Include the Following:

Myth #1 = Pattern baldness impacts only men.

Multiple case studies show that both men and women can suffer from pattern baldness and it can occur before adulthood. While women can experience pattern baldness, the condition mostly impacts men. It tends to take a different approach in both genders. Women usually experience hair thinning at the entire scalp while men experience thinning in patches around the area on the forehead.

Myth #2 = If you have not experienced hair loss by age 40, you are in the clear.

Research has shown that people older than 40 can and do start to lose their hair or experience hair thinning, particularly if they have poor eating habits. Individuals who are genetically predisposed to lose hair are more likely to suffer a receding hairline even after 40.

Myth #3 = Male pattern baldness only comes from the mother’s side of the family.

Experts believe that MPB is caused by the presence of several genes inherited from both parents. These genes typically interact with each other and ultimately cause a person to lose hair through thinning or rapid balding in some areas of the head.

Myth #4 = Reduced blood flow to the scalp area causes hair loss.

There is not sufficient evidence to support this theory. Companies that sell hair loss products have contributed to this belief. However, a balding scalp has just as much blood flow as a head full of hair.

Myth #5 = Stress will make you hair fall out.

While there is evidence that a high accumulation of stress can have an impact on the health of your hair, it does not necessarily suggest such a drastic effect could happen. A stressful life will undoubtedly have a negative effect on your health, but your hair will not be the first to show signs of stress.

What some of us think we understand about hair loss is sometimes based on poor advice from friends or advertising claims. Consult with a professional when you have concerns about the condition of your hair or if you suspect you may be losing hair unnaturally. Contact us today for a free consultation.