03 / 01 / 17

Hair Loss Fears and Anxiety

Are You Hesitant to Do Anything About Your Hair Loss?

Just do it.

Most of us remember this 1988 slogan from a popular athletic shoe ad campaign.

Every time you turned on a TV, every time you opened a magazine, you were assaulted with visions of attractive, perspiring athletic people wearing spiffy shoes, and the simple, bold-faced words, “Just Do It.”

And as a result, some of us bought new athletic shoes and took up running. Most of us just got tired of seeing the slogan. Over the years, the overused phrase lost its power.
Putting aside the Nike brand, let’s think about those words: just do it.

These words can mean many things. They can mean, “Don’t worry about what might happen, just do it.” They can mean, “Stop overthinking it; jump in and just do it.”
In my case, these words meant, “Just take your life into your own hands, and step over the threshold of Hair Loss Solutions.”

When a person has hair loss, they spend a lot of time worrying about it. Will people notice it? Have I combed it right and hair sprayed it enough so that the bald spot won’t show? We spend a lot of time feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

And Yet, It’s Those Feelings That Hinder Us from Getting Help for the Hair Loss.

twin cities hair loss salon 2

I didn’t want to walk into Hair Loss Solutions. I envisioned HLS looking like one of those quickie walk-in haircut places, where your hair is cut by a stylist who probably has no experience with hair loss (especially female hair loss), in an open-air salon where everyone can watch you get your hair cut.

With that vision in my mind, it took me several years and three canceled appointments before I decided to seek Chrissy’s help for my thinning hair.
When I finally told myself, “Just do it” and walked over the threshold and into HLS, I was surprised at its gentle atmosphere. I didn’t get bombarded with shelves upon shelves of hair products promising to fix all my problems with volumizer and mousse.

Chrissy introduced herself and we walked together into a private room. It was just the two of us as she listened to my concerns about my hair loss. And, as I’d mentioned in my previous post, within minutes she had placed a sample topette over my own hair, and I knew this was going to solve my hair loss problem just like that.

When my own topette arrived, Chrissy took me back into the private room and within minutes had managed to blend it flawlessly with my own hair. I couldn’t believe the transformation. Ten years seemed to disappear from my face, and a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I wear my hair system with complete confidence. No one knows it’s there; they just ask if I’ve recently colored my hair, or if I’ve lost weight. They know I look-and more importantly, feel- better. There’s a spring in my step that wasn’t there before. When I pass a mirror, I take a moment to grin and say, in true Joey Tribbiani style, “How you doin’?”

And all of this goodness comes from the fact that I finally “Just did it.”

If your hair loss is bothering you, stop overthinking it. Stop worrying about it. Contact hair loss solutions and make an appointment. Just do it.