Hair Bonding Options
05 / 16 / 17

Hair Bonding Options

So, You’ve Decided That Yes, You Are Ready for a Hair System!

You’ve looked at your options in hair quality and now you’re wondering how the heck that beautiful hair system is going to stay on your head.

When I first bought my hair system, I was terrified of it falling off. Chrissy promised me- in fact, I think she pinkie swore- that my hairpiece wouldn’t just “fall off”, and she was right. But to reassure you, let me walk you through the different ways we make sure your hairpiece stays exactly where it should.

Learn About the Different Types of Hair Bonding Options:

  1. Clip-ons. These are easy-to-use clips that are sewn into your hairpiece. With a satisfying “snap,” they easily bond your natural hair to your hair system. This makes it easy to remove your hair system at night or to wash it.
  2. Tape-ons. Think of two-sided tape, with the power of Super Glue. This is another great way to keep your style in place while still having the power to remove it at bedtime. I used this for a while, because my existing hair was too fine to hold the clips securely.
  3. Perimeter bond. This is a semi-permanent bond that truly makes your hair system a part of you. Once Chrissy bonds your hairpiece, you’ll encounter a new level of freedom; you’ll wash your hair, sleep in it, and you may even forget it’s there.
  4. Full-head bonding. This is the same type of bonding as above, but your natural hair- the parts that would be covered by the hairpiece, anyway- is shaved down. My hair system is fully bonded to my head, and admittedly it made me a little nervous to have my hair shaved close to my scalp.

However, I had tried all of the above remedies, and the fact that I work out a lot (and therefore sweat a lot), plus the fact I sleep like a fish out of water, meant my hair bond just wouldn’t hold like I wanted it to. So I went with full-head bonding, and it was the best thing I could have ever done. It kept my natural hair from getting tangled in the bond (which would also loosen the bond) and I liked the way my hair system lay more snugly against my scalp.

I Promise Your Hair Isn’t Going to Just “Fall Off.”

Hair Loss Solutions in Oakdale, MN will make sure that doesn’t happen. And you have LOTS of options to ensure that your hair will stay where it needs to stay so you always look your best! Contact us today to learn more or schedule your FREE consultation!