05 / 08 / 12

Great News for Men and Women with Thinning Hair!

At last, great news for men and women with thinning hair!

Latest technologies and skills in non-surgical hair restoration along with expertise in dealing one-on-one with each client make’s Hair Loss Solutions your destination for hair restoration!

I started a career in cosmetology at Century University more than nine years ago. After working for a number of hair loss salons, I wanted to take my career further and start my own business. I never once imagined all of the opportunities that would await me. I wanted to combine my years of industry know-how, my keen attention to detail and my desire to help others. So, I opened Chrissy Flipp Salon. While I enjoyed three years with a faithful clientele and a promising salon, I still wanted more. After three years, I took my business to the next level and started a new venture, Hair Loss Solutions. I contracted hair suppliers, launched a website, started advertising and trained another stylist on hair restoration and hair extensions by Ultratress. I love what I do. The industry is always evolving; and I am evolving with it. Being a hair restoration expert is my absolute passion. I could not imagine doing anything else. My clients are the highlight of each day.

Here at Hair Loss Solutions, our niche is we pride ourselves on working one on one with each client in their own personal rooms with no wait times. Unlike other hair loss companies, we get to you right away with no waiting time.

Hair Loss Solutions hair systems are undetectable to the human eye. We produce results that cannot be achieved with expensive and invasive hair transplant surgeries for men and women.

Just like a head of natural hair, your hair systems evolve as you work with us. We will take you through different style changes as we increase or lessen densities, change shape of hairlines, add highlights and increase percentage of gray as you age.

Some of our services include UltraTress II which is more than an ordinary extension which we offer partial extension service, typically meant for length and volume on medium to long hair that is thin or a full extension service for length and volume on short to medium-length, thick or thin hair. And Laser Therapy In which in 2010 the FDA cleared a laser device for hair growth in the treatment of female pattern baldness. ­e MEP-90 Hair Growth Stimulation System received clearance according to the recently published 510(k) report, which reviewed the performance data of an IRB approved Clinical trial. E- trial results cleared the device for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, commonly referred to as female pattern baldness.

If you’d like more information about anything above, please contact us today!