04 / 02 / 13

FDA Clears Apira Science’s iGrow® Hair Growth Platform

The Igrow Platform Is the First Hands-Free Home Use Low Level Laser Therapy Hair Growth System Cleared by the FDA

Many Hair Loss Solutions clients are already aware of the benefits resulting from continued use of the iGrow Hair Growth system available for purchase directly through the online store of our web site here . Here is more exciting information about the iGrow system:

igrow helmet

Apira Science Inc., a renowned brand in aesthetic therapies, officially received clearance from the FDA on for its product, iGrow® Hair Growth Platform, effectively approving the treatment of male pattern hair loss. The iGrow® Hair Growth Platform device is patented and can be used to promote hair growth. The device is the first of its kind, with hands-free, low level laser treatment for use at home.

The patenting and approval by FDA of the iGrow® Hair Growth Platform stands as a significant milestone for Apira Science, as it provides quality LLLT treatment that until recently was only available at clinics. Professional Low Laser Therapy Treatment of androgenetic alopecia gives the average person access to fast and effective solution for male hair loss.

At least 35 million men in the U.S. suffer from male pattern hair loss and for the longest time, treatment was left to experts in a hospital or clinic setting, which made it expensive and bothersome to seek treatment. This caused most individuals to live with the condition. This is what the iGrow® Hair Growth Platform seeks to address: a proven and safe solution for male pattern hair loss that takes advantage of LLLT but without the significant cost or complexity of an application.

iGrow uses LED and low-level red laser lights to re-energize unhealthy cells located in and around the hair follicles. The results show that with proper use, iGrow’s laser therapy undoubtedly helps reverse androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern hair loss. Demand for products such as iGrow is expected to grow in the United States as more people resort to using LLLT in the comfort of their homes.

With such advances in laser treatment, anyone suffering from premature hair loss can take advantage of this technology and experience great results. Contact us today to learn more!