Choosing A Hair System
05 / 09 / 17

Choosing A Hair System

So, You’re Ready to Get a Hair System. Congratulations on Making That Big Step!

Picking the right hairpiece can be confusing, so let’s start with the different hair types you’ll want to consider.

The most common material used in hair systems is human hair. Most human hair is cultivated from Asian donors, whose hair is both straight and thick. When used in a hair system, you would style this hair as you would your natural hair. And you can’t beat human hair for its versatility! You can curl it, crimp it or straighten it. Of course, wearing human hair means you might have some “bed head” first thing in the morning. But that’s a small price to pay for hair that looks and feels like your own!

Remy (Or Remi) Hair Is Collected from Donors in Other Parts of the World, Including Russia, Malaysia and Italy.

Remy hair is either unprocessed (therefore, not dyed) or lightly processed and is collected in a way that keeps the hair in the direction it grew. This nearly eliminates tangling and gives the hairpiece a delicate “flow.” Remi hair is often favored by ethnic women, but it’s a great step up from human hair and a little more expensive but worth it!

European hair is the top-of-the-line choice for hair systems. The donated hair- most of which comes from Eastern Europe- tends to be very healthy and strong because Eastern European women tend to use less dyes in their hair. The color choices are somewhat limited because of the availability of undyed, “virgin” hair.

While European hair is the most expensive of the options listed here, it has a lot of lasting power, sometimes being worn for a year before needing a replacement.

So do some research and decide which solution will work best for you! Hair Loss Solutions in Oakdale, MN will do the rest and can show you each different hair quality so you can feel and see it for yourself. Contact us today to learn more or for your FREE consultation!